A Little Appreciation

Over the last few weeks, I've been dealing with something very difficult for me: admitting shortcomings. And not just admitting them, but having to explain the reasons for those shortcomings and what I've learned from them over and over and in great detail. To say it has been humiliating doesn't even begin to cover it. I've spent every second wanting to do anything else. In a nice turn of events though, my parents have been my best friends during this process. We've had a bit of a rocky relationship, but as I've gotten older (and more reasonable, I guess) they continue to surprise me by being understanding, supportive, non-judgmental of, and confident in me and my abilities when I least expect it. This has never been so true as it has these past couple weeks, when I've been feeling very insecure with and unproud of myself. I wanted to introduce them to you with a picture, but I think they would disapprove of me plastering pictures of them on the internet without their approval, so I'm just going to make my little post of appreciation. I'm sure I underestimate and underappreciate them horribly sometimes, but man, I have super super awesome parents. I am so thankful for them.


  1. Sorry you have been going through a rough time but glad your parents are so supportive. I bet this post must be so sweet for them!

  2. Aww. Knowing you personally, it makes me even happier to hear this. I hope everything is alright.

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  3. hooray for your parents showing you love! especially when you need it most. please be kind to yourself too.


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