I saw Mud yesterday, and I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't really sure what the premise was going to be so I was trying to keep my expectations low. Holy crap, it was amazing.

I feel like Matthew McConaughey gets typecast as the hot dude in chick flicks, but this is another movie that proves he's a much better actor than that (I'd also recommend U-571 and Angels in the Outfield). And then the two boys, Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland, were twice as good maybe. They complemented each other perfectly. Honestly, I think Tye Sheridan could get an Oscar nod.

Other than the actors, the filmography and location were beautiful. Tons of shots of the river at all times of the day and night, oh man, take me there. The story was brilliant. Without giving too much away, I thought it was great that even though romances were the main basis for the plot, it never felt cliche or like a chick flick. Also, I love how Ellis's (Tye Sheridan) motivations change throughout the movie based on his perceptions of love and the relationships of the people around him. It's very heartfelt and I walked out feeling a big jumble of nostalgic for that age and desirous of some then we went and had lemonade and giant slices of cheesecake.


  1. Thanks for the rec, I'll add this to my Netflix list for later!

  2. I've never even heard of this movie, but it sounds pretty good! And you're right... Mr. McConaughey is usually known for being that "hot dude in chick flicks" :)

    Also, to quickly answer your question about that Mother's Day card that I made-- I found a tutorial on Pinterest. It wasn't very helpful, so I had to figure a lot of things out myself, but the main thing you need to know is that all strokes going downwards are to be made thick. You can pretty much turn any type of cursive into script by doing this, and adding random loops at the end of random words. I hope that helps!



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