Tuesday Tunes!

For the program I'm in, we have to do an 8-week (minimum) internship between the first and second years. So right now, I am scrambling like a crazy person to apply to literally as many things as I can. I'm interested primarily in doing research or program assessment in infectious disease epidemiology as it applies to maternal and child health (woo, that's a mouthful, I know). So thank goodness for music as I fill in my address and previous employers 5023948 times. Also, I'm just going to shamelessly ask here: If you know of any organizations/people that are doing something (read: anything) even kind of related to what I mentioned...please pleeeasee let me know. Email's in the sidebar!
1. "King of Anything" - Sara Bareilles
2. "Signal Fire" - Snow Patrol
3. "A&E" - Goldfrapp
4. "Beacon" - Two Door Cinema Club
5. "Lisztomania" - Phoenix


  1. you are amazing. i think it's great that you have such a specific interest. there are a lot of hospitals around here with internships i'm sure, especially with the universities...UCLA, USC, etc. but i dunno anyone specific. good luck. i know you'll find something awesome!



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