Bringing Sexy Back!!

Do you know what the best news I've thus far gotten in 2013 is?


I remember when FutureSex/LoveSounds was maybe in the works (waaayyy back freshman year of high school), I was skeptical, because, surely JT could not put out anything solo that was better than *NYSNC, y'know? And then, holy shit, did he deliver. I feel giddy about whatever new stuff might be coming in a very girlish way.....don't judge me. Also, you're welcome if I was how you found out.


  1. Totally did not know JT was still putting out music!

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  3. I totally heard about this on the radio! There is also a rumor that he is collaborating with someone on his new cd. I wonder who it is! :)

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  4. I never really liked him when I was younger... nor do I really enjoy his type of music. However, this news still excites me. Ah, childhood.


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