Amelia's Last Farewell

Disclaimer: This post is about Doctor Who. If you haven't seen the most recent episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, stop reading now. Hell, stop watching now. Stop everything related to Doctor Who now because it's gonna ruin your life and you will be an emotional wreck and never want to do anything ever again.

This line. This wrecked me. This show just...oh my god. It pulls you in every direction, up, down, through space and time, from light to dark, happy to immeasurably sad, and then at the end it leaves you with questions and lack of explanations and this giant void in your chest that keeps you coming back. Fuck. Every companion change so far has left me so emotionally exhausted that I just...couldn't do anything for the entire rest of the day after watching the episode. I know it's kinda unhealthy probably to have fictional characters affect me this way, but I think it's the sign of good writing and good acting that I feel like I could know these characters. They could be real and if I knew them and their story, I would be emotionally invested in them. Man, this show is just so good. There's so much depth to the plot and the characters. It's brilliant. I take back what I said in my disclaimer, watch it. It'll be the best emotional trauma of your life.


  1. I was like that when I watched Prison Break. And then when Micheal died, I felt a little bit of me had died as well. Good shows really know how to get a grasp on your emotions!

  2. I have just started watching the show and have gone back to the first season and so far I have only watched a few episodes.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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