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I'm coming home today!

Well, I get home Tuesday night, but I'm leaving Pune in a few hours for the airport. And let's be honest, I cannot wait to be back in America. I've got a whole list of things I'm going to eat and do when I get back (but mostly things I'm going to eat) while I maybe-pack for North Carolina in two days. Clearly, my priorities are in order. But when the prospects look like this:

Who could blame me?


  1. No one could blame you. No one.

  2. omg I've been away for so long I've missed so much!! Going to have a good catchup on your bloggeroo today lol! I know exactly how you feel!! I was in India for about 2 months and away from home for 5 months in total and all I could think about when I was going home was my bed and all the yummy food I missed so much! First thing on my list was a proper English Sunday Roast with yorkshire pudding and gravy! lol

  3. this is making me so hungry, haha! and i really can't blame you, we have pretty awesome food over here! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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