Adventure Picture-Post Pt. 2

It's been a while, and sadly my time at SEARCH is almost up (only 1 more week), but here are a few more pictures of the adventures I've been having!

We stayed for 2 days in one of the extremely rural villages that SEARCH serves. No running water, sketchy roofs, generally poor, and still some of the most hospitable people I've met. Such a good experience!

The lovely village health worker we stayed with (in the middle)! Anjana-bai is from the village we stayed at but she's been working with SEARCH for about 18 years. She was so excited that our group could speak Marathi (because most of her visitors speak Hindi or English, neither of which she knows very well) that she did not stop talking the whole time we were there! The best story she told was about her first time on a plane and how she thought that someone was watching her and turning the faucet on when she brought her hands near the automatic-sensor sink. Totally cool to hear about something like that, which I take for granted all the time, from another perspective.

If there is one thing I loooove about here it's sunset and night time. I'd never seen fireflies before in my life (and obviously they are hard to capture on camera), but there are TONS here! They look like little sparkling stars and I seriously cannot get enough of them.

We found this little guy (a cobra!) just chillin' out behind the research department. I never thought I'd be like, "Oh a non-poisonous snake? No big deal," and keep walking, but that's what's happening. I can TELL some of the non-poisonous snakes apart now, which is nuts to me! Also, the policy on snakes here is wonderful. Even if poisonous, they're never killed, just caught and released far outside of the grounds. If non-poisonous, people just kind of leave them be. It's nice because so many snakes are killed in India normally that some species are getting very sparse.

This Sunday, we're going to an ancient temple about 50 km from here, so hopefully more cool pictures to come!


  1. mugdha, i think i can't live without running water. i've never seen fireflies either. hopefully someday. crazy about the snakes. it just shows how well we can adapt to our environment, doesn't it? bring on the sunset photos, so i can see. :D

  2. poisonous or not, that is still creepy! but sounds like you are adjusting. Great photos, looks like a truly beautiful place and you are enjoying yourself there!

  3. wow! it looks like you're having a truly unforgettable experience! i'm enjoying reading about your travels and can't wait to read more!

  4. The story about the woman you met is so cute. I wish that's something I could hear first hand.

    Can't see a single firefly in the picture....jealous.

  5. I would totally freakout if I saw that snake! I live on a farm in Kentucky so we have a lot of snakes and I stay way away from them even the ones that I know are not poisionous. I love fireflies too! I often enjoy a late evening sitting on the porch watching them light up!
    I think that you must be a very brave, generous person for what you are doing and you are so right about how easy it is to take things like an automatic sink for granted!

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. Your trip sounds awesome, what an experience - thanks for sharing!

  7. I saw fireflies for the first time this summer too (in Michigan)! Before actually seeing them I had naively thought I'd be able to photograph them :(

    Can't wait to hear about everything when you get back!


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