Adventure Sunday

It's my second to last day at SEARCH today, and I feel like I have so much to say and reflect upon and stuff, but I really wanted this to be a whole post about our trip to an 8th century temple last Sunday, so the rest will have to wait.

Some of the carvings in this temple. Old Indian temples...are rife with these. Impressive for people who still can't figure out how to electrify the country regularly, you know?

I guess the place was supposed to be built in another town, but was moved here when that didn't work out. Now, it's right on a river. One of the few that flows south to north in India, to which I would say, A+ location change. The river wasn't all the way full because rainy season is just starting but that led to some even more fun times.

We decided to take these teeeny tiny, sketchy little boats to the other bank (we're talking there was water pouring into the bottom sketchy), where we proceeded to frolick and play tag and just be generally childish because it was sandy and empty...

...And then it poured in true Indian monsoon fashion where we saw it coming from down the river. We'd been planning to only stay for like half an hour, but instead we ended up stranded on the other side for two-and-a-half in the pouring rain. My shoes got wet so I just...took them off and barefooted it for the next four hours....which was interesting.

And then on the way back we stopped in town for some food (my first meat in FOUR weeks!), bottle coke, ice cream, and candy, and headed back to our quiet little Shodhgram in the woods for a much-needed, long, hot bath, some dinner, and a good night's sleep.

My internet will be...worse...starting Friday, so maybe if I get a chance to post in the next two weeks, I'll post something short about that leg of the trip, but chances aren't looking good.


  1. mugdha it's like you sort of danced in the rain. i hope you never forget the moments. :)

  2. Umm.. since when did you take a trip to India?! This just goes to show how much of a slacker blogger I've been. Haha! It looks like you are having a blast! Are you there permanently?


  3. You weren't kidding about this losing weight stuff were you? I'm jealous. /endshallow

    1. Haha, do I really look that much skinnier?


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