Sunday Mocktails

Dress: ModCloth; Cardigan: Loveculture; Tights: Target; Boots: Payless

I'm not usually one to complain too much (definitely the cashier in the Anger Management categorizations, but I would never shoot up a whole store...I hope), but this week has been insanely stressful. As such, I've decided to adapt Lisa's Friday Mocktails feature for today! 
My mother wants to help me pack. I know this is a good-natured request and all, and as much as I'd love to just have someone do all the work for me, I know if I don't pack things myself, I will never be able to find anything ever again. She also...doesn't approve of my graduation dress because it's "too tight and short" but uh, I literally brought all of my other clothes home last weekend, so I have no choice. 
I still have around 20 research papers to summarize for my summer project that need to be done before I reach Friday.
We recently had finals, and being done, I somehow suddenly became the "can you do this for me?" go-to person for other summer project stuff. Okay, you all have finals and I don't. I get that...but that doesn't change the fact that I can't transport 45 lbs of presentation materials to India on my own, so a little cooperation would be appreciated.
In all the packing stress, I've been neglecting the fact that I need to find an apartment in North stat. Before I'm in India and my internet connection is awful again.

There is a silver lining on all this stress though. I am walking at graduation today! Four years of college and plenty of knowledge have earned me this degree and the best friends and experiences anyone could ask for. I'm going to miss it when I move to North Carolina in August.


  1. First - you look freaking adorable (as always)

    Second - congrats on graduation, you're a rock star

    Third - just keep telling yourself that before you know it, you'll be done with all this stress and settled in North Carolina (where there will be different stress, but they make some fabulous fried food there to help)

  2. love the outfit and congrats on graduating!!

  3. congratulations on graduation mugdha! you look terrific in these photos. yes, even the silly fun ones. eventually you'll get packed, find an apartment, & those things one your to do list will dwindle. enjoy your trip to india. :)


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