Henna Obsessed

Lesser known fact about me: I love doing henna.

I got into it young. My aunt always used to do it on me when I went to India and for weddings and special occasions, and somewhere along the line, I just sort of picked it up. Now, even when I have no henna cone to draw with, I'm still doodling patterns in pen and sharpie into notebooks, on my skin, etc.

Funnily enough, this skill has actually been useful, as doing henna for people has been one of our top fundraisers for Project RISHI. Free-handing designs is an amazing creative outlet.

Though traditional Indian henna is a lot of intricate lines and patterns, I also love getting to do things that are more like tattoos. Before I got my real one, I spent a ton of time with the Deathly Hallows symbol henna'd various places on me to see what I liked.

Most recent design. This is what happens when Mugdha is given a henna cone and doesn't have popcorn for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers extended edition.


  1. oh wow, you're really good! when you do your fundraising, do you have photos or pictures of designs, like a porfolio? i've had a henna tattoo before. it was fun. :)

    1. Yeah, we do! Not one for each artist, but we have a big bank of designs. My favorite is when people just let me free-hand though!

  2. I adore henna, I think it is gorgeous and the people who can draw with it are sublimely talented!

  3. i love it...so pretty, pretty...
    i'm not sure how it would hold up to my 4 baths a day and 3 spin classes...3 pilates class/ a day pounding my skin takes...

  4. love henna! do you make your own?


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