A lot of you asked what I ended up doing with my graduation cap after my post about decorating, and since I'm leaving for India tomorrow and might not be able to blog for a long time, I thought I'd share that now!

Initially, I was going to make it "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" themed, because Dr. Seuss is a huge part of my university, having been the main donor to our giant spaceship library and many other buildings on campus. Then, I was trolling through quotes and came across one by JK Rowling and it hit me that, duh, Harry Potter is way more near and dear to me! So, probably to none of your surprises, I went with that. And then topped it off with a ton of glitter, because everything is better with glitter.

"Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure" -Albus Dumbledore. Fitting, right? For those new phases, trips around the world, grad schools, and fun adventures ahead of all of us!

I am so fortunate that I went through four years of college with these girls. In fact, almost our whole freshman suite (of 15 girls!) still hung out together regularly till the very end, which I've heard can be rare. But, these two, Loni and Dorth have been suitemates, roommates, best friends, study buddies, movie buddies, and everything in between these last years, and I'm going to miss the crap out of them as we head in different directions. But, no worries, because grand plans will be made and adventures will surely be had, as they always were in the past, in the future.


  1. congratulations! that was the perfect quote for you. :) enjoy your trip.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! Being done with your under grad is the best:) enjoyy your summer!!!


  3. Congrats on graduating, Mugdha! And have a blast on your trip :)

  4. Go Mugdha!! You and your graduation cap are super adorable and awesome!

  5. Congratulations!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about your trip abroad, and excited to hear about grad school seeing as I'm making up my mind if I want to go next year after I graduate!

  6. I've never seen you look more beautiful. -tear-

  7. gorgeous!
    congratulations you beautiful girl.

  8. OMG, congrats! I love the cap! and i just figured out that we went to the same college (just different decades - hee hee)!!! it was your description of the library and talk of Dr. Seuss :)


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