Nail Art

I go through periods of my life where I become super obsessed with doing my nails. Unfortunately for you all, I'm pretty sure I have the most unphotogenic hands ever to grace the earth, so I refuse to ever post pictures/tutorials of my nails. But, because I love to do fun things with them and I've gotten kind of good at it from years of practicing, I will share pictures of some of my favorite designs I've done to date! Again, hands/nails not mine, but if you want to try any of them feel free to ask me for tips!

Monarch Butterfly Nails

Glitterbomb Tips

Konad Patterned

I've done about a million variations of this one.

Lines and Stripes

Most of the time, though, my go to color is just a clean and crisp plain bright red. Maybe sometimes with some dots. Sadly, I have the habit of waiting until my nail polish looks atrocious to change it, but I think some of my diligence in patterning should make up for that, right? Cool.


  1. i'd look at a tutorial on any of them. :)

  2. We had more in common that I thought! I love doing nail art too, and have always wanted to try that butterfly wing design. My go-to color is also red! Do you prefer darker reds, bright ones, or in-between shades? Right now, I have on 'Big Apple Red' by OPI. It's an excellent shade if you love bright reds. :)


    1. I prefer brighter for every day because they look better with my skin tone, but darker for more formal things. Protip on the butterfly design: do your right hand first if you're a righty. it's easier not to screw it up that way!

  3. omg are all those pics of your own nails?! you are severely talented!



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