Eugenio Recuenco

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a giant soft spot for all things fairy tale. My imagination's pretty keen and it's no wonder I watch all the fairy tale/fantasy/sci-fi shows, because basically anything made up is fun and cool for me. Mix that with my interest in fashion and photography and you have the gleeful ball of bubbles that was me upon finding this photoshoot.

What a pretty, dreamy start to a sunny Sunday!


  1. Pretty!

    Have you seen that Chanel TV ad that plays on the Red Riding Hood theme? Go check it out. It's very pretty too.

  2. so cool! I like the sleeping beauty! Not sure no.6 is though

  3. Fantasy/fairytale photo shoots are one of my favorite kinds of editorials. I think they are really fun, and you can do so much with the styling.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I love these! Great fairy tale inspiration. Love how its different but still portrays the original story.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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