You Can Do Anything!

I'm certain you're all as up to date as I am on Daniel Radcliffe's professional life, and as such I'm sure you were all aware he was on SNL a couple weeks ago. Though there were definitely ups and downs, all throughout, I was completely enamored with his American accent. Cause...hot damn. You know.

One of my favorite sketches was "You Can Do Anything" which, "celebrates the incredibly high self-esteem of the YouTube generation" and was absolutely hilarious.

ETA: Now it's the right video, oops!

I agree a little bit with this assessment of the YouTube/social media generation, as a biology major with medical aspirations and conservative Indian parents, but the thing is that social media really is giving people a chance to show something of themselves that they wouldn't have otherwise. As a self-proclaimed internet connoisseur (yes, I see the irony), sometimes it's true that people's self-importance becomes massively over-inflated after becoming "internet-famous," but many people become so because they are genuinely talented at what they do. Some of my favorite musicians, artists, etc. started on myspace music, deviantart, and other media sites, so I can't even bring myself to totally hate on the Rebecca Blacks and cute kittens of the world, even if they aren't particularly talented. Making videos, publicizing yourself, making yourself a mark for criticism and shame, and gathering an audience can be pretty tough in itself. Plus, criticism on the internet is often much harsher than criticism in real life. Anonymity is a cruel thing. Anyway, as just a funny sketch, I loved this one. Best thing SNL's done in a long long time.

As for my vlog editing:
"I tried and therefore no one should criticize me!"



  1. This is so funny, I love watching Daniel Radcliffe do an American accent! It's so true though! But I say why not utilize the great opportunities and resources our generation has, and benefit from them by promoting ourselves and showing off all the great things we can do? Some can become overly confident, but it's a double edged sword I guess!

  2. oh man I realy wana see this vid but cant cos I'm outside the us!! boo :-(

    1. It's on youtube also! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSjLiQxEZlM

  3. i couldn't see it..because i am not in the US..but i had heard of this of course..but i completely agree with you..on everything! i may diss the lack of talent but you got to admire the courage of putting yourself out there like that.

    1. I found it on youtube if you want to watch it!



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