Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'am

Over winter break, I did an incredibly thrilling thing, you guys. In theory, I don't agree with it, but it felt so badass that I even went again a second time and I still want to go more.

I went shooting.

Maybe some of you guys won't think this is an epic, monumental event in one's life, but I thought it was. Until this moment, I had never shot anything more dangerous than an Airsoft gun. I guess those things are painful short-range, but as far as I know, they don't normally have the capacity to kill anyone, so...not as crazy (or cool).

Please excuse the quality of this picture.

Two things that playing first-person shooter games with your brother and his friends all your life doesn't prepare you for:
  1. Recoil. I kept flinching every time it did this and then sort of ducking as the shells flew back over my head. And I was shooting a handgun.
  2. Unloaded magazines. Loading bullets into that damn thing was hard. Seriously, if for whatever reason I ever needed to be armed, I would probably end up dead because I couldn't get bullets into the cartridge fast enough. In her defense, my friend, M, was much better at this than I was.

We discovered that M was a pretty good upper body shot and I was a pretty good stomach shot, so together, we could probably take out a person, if the need ever arose. We might have become a little gun fever-y and started dreaming about being old-fashioned belles that learn to hunt from their daddies and get down and dirty without a hair out of place, a la Annie Oakley. All in all, definitely a fun little trip!

Disclaimer: I do not believe in using guns to kill people. Don't hurt me.


  1. When I was in the 4th grade my dad bought me a bebe gun and a bunch of other stuff that came with the gun. He wanted to teach me self-protection (even though when I tried to shoot in the backyard, I couldn't even make a shot without making a bullet go into the neighbor's yard. Now my dad's going to take me to a real gunning range. Sort of scary.. But from the looks of how you reviewed it, it sounds like something that would release my anger.


  2. Not bad. You would have definitely killed that guy.

  3. this is so badass and so crazy and so cool!!!!!

  4. I think this looks fun. You look so tough.

  5. scary spice~
    i have a friend who does that every summer in wyoming....only she shoots outside....with an ex-navy seal...{beer cans and things....etc}....makes for cool facebook pictures, but freaks me out.

  6. Oh wow, that's cool. I've never shot a gun before, I imagine it would make you feel badass. I'd probably pretend to be in a zombie flick and try to save everyone :)


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