To Clarify And Classify

My roomie, Loni, and I started doing this thing last year where we would dress up especially on Fridays, because we're busy people and sometimes the rest of the week just doesn't allow it. Then, we gave it a crude, alliterative name because we're cool and young and we do what we want. I will let you guess what it's actual name was, but thus was born what we call "Fashionable Friday" in polite company.

Sweater: Target; Dress: Thrifted

Pardon my silly.

So, these pictures are old, but this is the outfit I wore today! With a thin belt! Sadly, I might have to change because it's getting a bit cold. Anyway, I'm planning on a busy weekend with catching up on everything I missed and an American Cancer Society Survivor and Caregiver's Tea! Happy "Fashionable Friday!"


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