Oh, You Fancy Huh?

Blazer: Sears; Top: ?; Skirt: Costco, ha; Pumps: Ross

Another of the old ones from the old apartment, but I felt it was appropriate because I have been running around in a whirlwind of interviews and business casual-casual and coffee. I'm currently in the middle of a giant dilemma called, "What do I wear to this UNC interview in 10 days?" Do I have to wear dress pants? Because I hate them. Can I wear a nice dress as long as I pair it with a cardigan or blazer? It's going to be cold, but...do I need to worry about that for an interview that's going to be inside? Sadly, this is what I'm most worried about right now and not the questions or content. I impulsively bought my first A-line skirt when I unsuccessfully hunted for Jason Wu at Target though.


  1. aw you look so lovely!! Having been to quite a few interviews myself recently...I would say go for a shift dress and a fitted blazer...it will look smart but young and fashionable at the same time :-)

  2. When I cannot think of anything else, I wear skirt, blazer and black tights.No complaints so far and A line is good;)

  3. I love how the outfit is dark and professional, but it has a bright pop of blue in the shirt. Wow that sounded girly.
    Thanks for the comment, same here with the clothes.


  4. UNC interview? Congrats!

    I suggest for a more formal feel, I suggest blazer + a line skirt + pantyhose + heels ... stick some pearls in there too.
    For more fun, have cardigan + pencil skirt + tights + heels + your red peacoat.

  5. firstly congrats..have never been to an interview so i am taking pointers.


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