I Could....Live on the East Coast

Well, I'm back in one piece!

...So, this happened. (not my picture)

Well, mostly one piece. The day before I left, I could feel my you-have-a-massive-sinus-cold-coming-on senses tingling.....and I was right. I spent a good deal of the trip drugged to delirium, but it still ended up being pretty good. I stayed with a lovely grad student from the program in her cute-as-pie east-coast-y house and she was so helpful about Chapel Hill life and the program and everything, it was unbelievable. The first night, it snowed!! Everyone was super quick to assure me that that was rare (because I'm a wimpy west-coaster), totally not realizing that I was on the verge of happy tears because it'd been so long since I'd seen snow fall*. And, we made a killer lasagna one night and drank wine with some friends and it was basically completely perfect.

The interview went pretty well too, I thought. I didn't say anything too stupid during it, as far as I know. And my interviewer related completely to my dilemma about wanting to do research and clinical work, and gave me some really good advice. Seriously, the sense of community and helping each other out in this program is incredible. I really hope I get in.

Then I was in Baltimore at Hopkins for a day and got a lot of good advice there too! It was really crazy and hectic, but I really like the east coast! Keeping my fingers crossed!

*That being said, one time I had to chip ice off my windshield and that has got to be the worst way to start the day....ever.


  1. I am glad that you had such a good time! I would love to go a trip.

  2. i enjoyed reading about your time on the east coast! and i'm glad your interview went well! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. This picture is absolutely gorgeous. I can't get over it.

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