We Are Just These People

Ignore that I look 3 months pregnant, if you will...
Top: Charlotte Russe; Sweater: Old Navy; Boots: Ross

First outfit post of the year! Well, okay, this is an old one, but still. I realized I still have a couple strays from the old apartment, so I'm going to post those before I start on the newer ones. I basically took...none during the hiatus, so I'm still trying to find places around my apartment now that would be good. Unfortunately, I'm on a major street now instead of a cute secluded neighborhood, so I have to steel myself and try not to feel like a loser struggling with my tripod and then proceeding to take pictures of myself with people continually walking/driving by. I should really invest in a boyfriend photographer and solve this issue.


  1. Awwww I miss our little house with our little "garden" and the million places to take outfit pictures. I'm having the same problems :(

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're back on your blog now :-) !!

  3. what a great photo! i love it. it's so artistic and looks great with the flower pots. that's such a cute top and love the booties!


  4. ha-ha funny girl. you could just do the self portrait where you look in the mirror & take your photo, or stretch your arms out face close up, feet details, middle shot. that blue in your outfit with the flowers appeals to me.


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