Tuesday Tunes!

Music has been keeping me sane these past few weeks. I swear, looking for a job is practically a full-time job in itself! I'm currently trying to find time to finish editing those vlogs I did with Aki so hopefully new ones soon! But, thank goodness for some old and new favorites.

1. "Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye ft. Kimbra
2. "Oh Goodbye" - The Colourist
3. "Not While I'm Around" - Neil Patrick Harris (Sweeney Todd in Concert)
4. "Countdown" - Jupiter One
5. "Kiss Me Slowly" - Parachute

Share Your Favorites!


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  2. The only artist I recognize on here is Parachute... only because I didn't know Neil Patrick Harris sung (I only recognize him from How I Met Your Mother)! Wow, I feel so sheltered. Haha!


  3. love these!
    i just played goyte in spin class on tuesday~big hit...
    loved having you stop by "irene" this morning.....

    saw "brave new world" on your book list.....can you say "love".....


  4. I honestly love everything.
    It still surprises me that you listen this stuff. I thought you were a very hardcore rap girl.

    1. Just for you, next week is totally going to be hardcore rap edition. I haven't changed that much, haha.


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