The Colourist

Last night, I went to a show with the roomie, Loni, and some other friends. I was really excited for the headliners, Grouplove, actually, because they'd come highly recommended and they're playing Coachella this year, and I really really like their album.

But, as fate would have it, I ended up liking the opening band way more! Let me introduce you to:

One of the people in our group is good friends with the band, so we got to meet them all and I am seriously in love with their drummer, Maya. She was adorable and fashionable and I really wish I had a picture of the sweater she was wearing because it was Fabulous. Actually, I wish I had pictures at all, but since I am a giant failure, I forgot my camera. Loni and I liked them so much, we ended up buying a CD which immediately earned a spot in my CD changer. You can check 'em out here!

Grouplove was really good too, but I mean, these guys just stole the show (and my heart) with their vocals, energy, and complete and total cuteness on stage.

Also, now I really want to be the cool girl in a rock 'n' roll band.
They take bio majors, right?


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