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Disclaimer: Please blame Loni for everything you see in this post.

Okay...within the span of exactly one day, I have become disgustingly invested in Teen Mom. As in, sure, it's a little ridiculous, but so entertaining! I like to believe that I'd be a better mom than basically all of those girls, though I guess maybe not in their same situations. I watched a couple episodes with Loni today...and then I came home and watched like 3 more. Because, I dunno, but Maci's baby-daddy drama and Tyler and Catelynn's relationship drama is just really comforting to me. Sure, I'm stressed as hell, but at least I don't have all that going on.

Plus, those babies are so frickin' cute and I just want to play with all of them. I have a bazillion things I want to do before I have kids, but I mean, it can't hurt to vicariously parent through trashy reality tv, right?

Feel free to stage an intervention.


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Teen Mom. Like you said, it is ridiculously addicting. If you get a chance, you should watch episodes from season 1. Personally, I thought those were the best! :) 16 and Pregnant is really good too.

    I'm glad you're having a blast watching what my old dorm neighbor would call "trashy television." I love it!


  2. it's always nice to see the stress & drama in someone else's life & say i'm so glad it isn't me. just think of it as your escape from your own reality. ;)

  3. oh my gosh girl no!! lol Im starting this teenmomovention immediately!! Do you watch greys anatomy?? If not, check it out! Start from the beginning if you can...I guarantee you will be hooked!! I told me sis she has to watch it cos its be best show in TV and she got totally hooked and watch all 8 seasons in about 4 months!

  4. I've seen that a couple of times at the gym- I can totally see how it would be addicting. BUT: being on peds has reminded me that while babies are adorable, they also pee on you and spit up all the time. Not so cute haha

  5. don't worry, i went through that phase too, haha! i honestly don't remember how i got over it, i guess i just got too busy to watch it. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. I'm a little obsess with that show. Actually I'm alot obsess with that show.


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