Tuesday Tunes!

I can't believe July is almost over! This summer is going by absurdly fast and I honestly have no idea what I've been doing! I mean, guitar got stuck on a back burner because of a small moving/apartment crisis that happened, and now it's almost time for my summer class to start! I am so not ready for August.

1."Look At Me Now" - Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne
2."Inventing Shadows" - Dia Frampton
3."The Gambler" - Kenny Rogers
4."In These Arms" - The Swell Season
5."Ottoman" - Vampire Weekend

Share Your Favorites!


  1. I listen to every single one of these Tuesday Morning.

  2. To truly appreciate "Look at me now" you need to go to find the YouTube video of the random roller skating guy on the street "roller dancing" to this song. I found it through Mighty Girl.

  3. All this time I started to follow your blog, I recognized maybe two songs. I love finding songs because I get tired of old ones pretty fast and I keep looking for something new. Love Inventing shadows and Ottoman.


  4. It is so true the summer is flying by for me it's a good thing. For me it means my fighting kids will get a break from each other when my daughter starts back to school. It also means I just that much closer to not be pregnant anymore. It also means Fall. I love fall. Great tunes list.

  5. look at me now is such a catchy song! and i definitely agree, summer is going by in a blur and i haven't even done anything big to celebrate it. *sigh*

    <3, Mimi

  6. I love these songs!! Good luck with summer school! :)

    Belly B :)


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