Tuesday Tunes!

I'm done moving! You guys, I am so happy to be done. Moving sucks. I've decided to be as minimalist in my furniture acquiry for the next year because goddamn, I'm going to have to move again probably, and hell if I plan on lugging around endtables or an enormous desk. So, I've started turning the boxes and odds and ends I have into furniture. That's not totally ghetto, right? Whatever, I'm in college.

1."Sleazy" - Ke$ha
2."Que Veux-Tu" - Yelle
3."The Luckiest" - Ben Folds
4."I Walk The Line" - Johnny Cash
5."Sentimental Heart" - She & Him

Yes, I have really random and varying taste in music, haha. Hopefully, though, that means something for everyone in these posts!

Share Your Favorites!


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  2. I had to delete that comment because I was reading your text and then realize the title was Tuesday tunes.

    Congratulations, so you're in San Diego now.. Nicee:) College is fun, I start to like it now(after one year!Or is it two?). I was just listening to your Tuesday tunes and I like them all but the best is probably The Luckiest(I love lyrics).


  3. The Luckiest, I totally forgot how much I love that song. mmmm it's not on repeat for the rest of the day, probably.

    I am loving anything by Dia Frampton right now. pure talent.

  4. I'm not a fan of moving either. It sucks big time, though it does force to clear out all the unwanted stuff in your life, which I always love!

    And loving your choice of music! x


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