Oh, The Places You'll Go

Maybe I mentioned this, but before medical school, I really want to do a Masters in Public Health. As I want to work in public health someday, I feel like this masters is going to be only the best of experiences. However, in my narrowing down of schools to apply to, I can't seem to shrink it past 20 fairly equally matched schools. And let's be honest, my bank account can't handle me applying to 20 schools.

So, I've been thinking about where I wanted to live, and the area around the campuses as a major factor for the next set of cuts, and I figured, who better to ask than the wonderful blogosphere! I've narrowed it down to the following states, and most of the schools I've got are in major cities, so have at it! Tell me about where you live and how you like it or tell a friend who lives in one of these places to check me out and give me some input, because lord knows the weather channel is not enough to fish this out!

Maryland (Baltimore)
Michigan (Ann Arbor)
New York (NYC)
Massachussetts (Boston)
North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Washington (Seattle)
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh)
Missouri (St. Louis)
Illinois (Chicago)

So, um, help a girl out?


  1. I was in grades 1-3 in NYC. It was okay for a kid, but as an adult, especially... a not quite adult, I think it would be stressful. Fast paced. High cost of living.

    There's always something going on ... but as a masters student, it's not like you'll ever be so bored.

  2. If you are concerned about cost of living, I would say St. Louis. Much more reasonable than NYC or Chicago. If you don't like the cold, you need to be prepared for the fact that Ann Arbor and Chicago will be VERY cold for a big portion of the year. Especially compared to Phoenix or San Diego. Also, all that sunshine you are used to? Kiss it goodbye! The north and midwest can at times be nothing but grey skies for months at a time. If weather/sunshine is a concern, go North Carolina. If cost of living and weather are not high on your list of priorities, GO CHICAGO!!!! Chicago is a really, really cool city. Midwestern friendliness with all the culture and cool that you could want in a big city. Every time I go to Chicago, I fall in love all over again.

  3. PS St. Louis is MY city. I lived and/or worked there for years before I moved to Tucson so if you want specifics about the STL let me know.

  4. Thank you guys so much for your input! Weather and cost of living are definitely things I've been worried about, but I'm planning on living with at least one roommate, so hopefully it won't be as much of an issue. Weather, though, will be interesting, as I've never dealt with an actual winter before...

  5. chicago! my parents live there, i grew up there, and it's awesome. main drawback (and one of the reasons I withdrew from U of I after I got into my med school) is the ridiculous cost of living. St. Louis is fun too, though!

  6. Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University Medical Center. Amazing.

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