Lust List Monday: These Boots Are Made For Walking

It might be summer, season of flip-flops and sandals, but that certainly doesn't mean my eternal flame for boots has dimmed at all. In fact, lately I've been craving a new pair much the same way sometimes we crave the Christmas spirit in the middle of July.

This Madden Girl Preppie Boot from DSW, because I have none so far in that lovely rust color, and I would love to change that.

For some reason, Kurt, on Glee has made me really want a pair of lace-up boots. This Seychelles Platinum Lace-Up Boot seems like the perfect girl-version of the knee-high lace-up combats everyone's favorite gay countertenor always dons.

I've been crazy desperate for some thigh-high boots since I first saw them being worn casually. Unfortunately, I am short, and thigh-highs have the tendency to make their wearers look like hookers. Thus, I think this modest-heeled Franco Sarto Over-the-Knee Boot would be perfectly suited to my non-hookery needs.

Lastly, certainly not least-ly, and only somewhat in jest, I really want a pair of white go-go boots because I am a weirdo like that. They'd look good with my skin, man. You can't deny that. Scuffing might be an issue though.

Any boots you're drooling over?


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