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You all know that I usually refrain from discussing my political views or other controversial matters, because I want this to be a forum for constructive and positive review, not the kind of heated debate that usually follows controversy (no matter how respectful and awesome I think you all are). However, some issues I hold near and dear to me, and a change has happened that I feel like I need to document.

No doubt, you've probably figured out by now, that I'm referring to New York's recent passage of a marriage equality bill. I've posted before about gay rights and human rights, and this is a huge milestone to me. New York's always been one of the more progressive states in the country - more open to changes - than most others, so to say I'm surprised is going a little far, but I'm definitely pleased.

Any Google search on the topic will give you a million articles, videos, blogs, etc. on the subject, so I'm not really going to give you a whole lot of links, but I want to give my opinion. This is amazing and inspiring. I've read all sorts of amazing articles about people whose lives are changing because of this. New York's the largest state to pass such a law, and one of the great stories I've read is of Republican senator Mark Grisanti who changed his position and voted for the bill. That, to me, is almost more inspiring than the bill passing itself. What I've seen very little of is people in politics willing to change their views, change their opinions, and admit they might have been wrong about their views when presented with information contrary tot heir beliefs. I'm moved by the willingness of this man to face what was surely a tumultuous constituency and party and realize that a vote for this bill was a vote for human rights. For the LGBT community, yes, but for all people who deserve the same right to safety and community and to protect those they love. It fills my heart with joy to see great people, like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka (and those countless more who are fortunate enough to not be subject to my Twitter-stalking), finally able to wed, .

I'm so glad New York passed this bill, and the pictures from the parades today have been hilarious and fabulous (I expected no less)! But that people are starting to change is what really gets me in this story. Things are starting to change for the better, I hope. =]


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