An Eye for an Eye and an 'F' for Fight

Last days at 3809...

I am only just realizing that my lipstick and shirt don't match...

These are a few weeks old (again), though...sadly it is still cardigan weather in San Diego. But more importantly, I am DONEZO with finals! HOORAY! It's really strange to think this, but come like 6 months from now, I'm going to be done with my undergraduate education! I can remember my first day in beautiful sunny San Diego so clearly that it all just seems unreal. And not just school, but I'm currently in the middle of starting to pack to move to my first very own place! What am I going to do without roommates to set up a cleaning schedule with?! Probably my recycling will take over my kitchen before I take it out, maybe I will succumb to using paper plates so I don't have to wash them, and perhaps I will sometimes get a little bit lonely. But, I get to decorate it however I want and I can play music all the time and nobody will judge me for belting out Taylor Swift and Disney in the shower!* I am so nervous and excited for this!

*Okay, future neighbor, I know you will, but I'll pretend to not have any idea what you mean when you give me awkward knowing glances when we pass each other.


  1. I love the look of the red peeking out from the white cardi!

  2. Cute outfit! And furthermore, congrats on the upcoming graduation and moving into your own new place! It's still totally sweater+windbreaker weather up here in San Francisco ... SOO windy (I'm talking like 20+mph constant wind all day every day ... make it stop! lol).

    In any case, it's crazy how fast college has flown by. I still remember trying to map out every step of my first day on campus... ahh we're getting old! :-p

  3. Congrats on the graduation!!! That is really exciting. I'm so happy for you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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