Tuesday Tunes

Got some good ones today (I think)! Spring quarter is always really music-heavy at my college, and this one has been no different, so excuse me if my blog becomes really music oriented for the next few months. Other things will come too.

1."Disintegration" - Jimmy Eat World
2."Judas" - Lady GaGa
3."Out of my Head" - Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz
4."Put It In My Video" - Childish Gambino
Seriously, check out all of this guy's stuff if you're into rap. Such clever lines.
5."E.T." Katy Perry ft. Kanye West
6."Sunshine of your Love" - Cream
7."Must Get Out" - Maroon 5
8."Drops of Jupiter" - Train
One of my all-time favorites. He wrote it after his mom died, and there's just something unearthly and so so precious about the lyrics.

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  1. great picks, especially the maroon 5 and train tracks! :)

    just last week, i was listening to old school maroon 5. they are a classic!



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