Not By Accident

This last week has been nothing if not totally casual for me. Not a lot of dressing up, and a whole lot of studying very very last minute for things I should have started reviewing weeks ago. So, in that light, a casual outfit! From a long time ago!

Top: Old Navy; Boots: ?; Vest: PacSun

As a last thought, I thought you guys would like to know that that vest, though incredibly useless when it comes to warmth, leads a wonderful double life. One time, when I was in desperate need, the detachable hood came to my aid in the form of a lion's mane for a costume. Yay, versatility!


  1. Your face in the first picture = win.

  2. casual outfits are my favorite! i've been wanting a puffer vest just like yours for quite some time now. i feel like they give you just the right amount of warmth when you don't want to put on a jacket. :)

    to respond to your comment, the cute guy and i = officially dating! i'm making a post right now, which will go up tomorrow, telling everyone all about it. oh, and there is going to be a shout out to you!

  3. love casual. since graduating, i pretty much only wear yoga pants! hahaa. Love that you post music on tuesdays!!


  4. lovely outfit! and good luck with your studies! xoxo


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