La Roche Posay

My skin and I have a decidedly love-hate relationship. Actually, it's probably more like 30% love and 70% hate. My skin's always been sensitive; I had mild eczema on my legs when I was little that still flares up occasionally and middle/high school was a nightmare with my face breaking out all the time. For a while, I was on Accutane (which, no matter how many lawsuits they get, I will always be a strong proponent of, because holy god, it helped SO MUCH), but to this day, my skin is still really finicky.

Due to this, I'm always trying out new products, reading reviews, switching up my cleansing regimen, and just generally desperately trying to find the method that will make my skin look young, fresh, and healthy. And now, I've caught the aging bug, so...also that. I just bought a bunch of stuff from La Roche Posay, a French company, after having read some really good reviews and having a friend with similar skin to mine practically profess her love to their stuff. So, we'll see how it goes. Any experience with the stuff? Or suggestions for other products?


  1. I don't have any experience, but I've heard their sunscreen is really good. From some magazine or something.


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