Couch Surfing

I am in midterm/lab report hell as we speak (hence the being awake at 4 am), but let me just share this:

I wish my parents would have let me do really cool stuff like this! The most we did was play the hot lava game, but even then my mom drew the line at stepping all over the arms of the couch.
In other news, Hellogoodbye is playing at my school tonight, and I am SO EXCITED. 15-year-old Mugdha is running around in circles screaming her head off while the rest of the Mugdhas try to ignore her for now and focus on not failing biochem lab.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! I wouldn't know where to begin making that!


    ps: thanks for the link to the firefly room. I am in love and want one too now!!


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