Will Someone Please Call The Surgeon?

Dress: ModCloth; Tights: Walgreens; Scarf: thrifted; Booties: Charlotte Russe

Photo credits: Loni

My roommate and I, who I've mentioned before, took these a while ago at a nearby park later in the day, so a lot of the shadows were weird. She clicked away while I proceeded to make friends with some adorable little kids. She edited it a little bit and now it's up on her 365 Project which you all should totally check out. Plug pluggy-plug plug. Okay.
Yesterday, I had a volunteer orientation for a hospital I want to volunteer at, and it's made me a little nervous. Not only was it truly overwhelming as far as the sheer number of people there and the size of this place, but they also gave us a ton of things I have to memorize by my interview next week. Since when does one have to devote this much prep time to interview to give their time somewhere for free and because they want to?! Also, I'm worried that being pre-med here is going to be a detriment. I hope I can emphasize in my interview how much I actually want to be there and meet patients and learn rather than just log hours that look good on my resume. Cross your fingers. I know a lot of you ladies give your precious time to volunteer. Got any tips?


  1. good luck on your interview! i'm sure a lot of other pre-med students have interviewed to volunteer at that hospital, so they will understand what your true intentions are. :) i don't think you should worry too much about it. just express your love for working with people and helping them. also mention things like compassion, and think of some other unique stuff about yourself to say. you will do great!

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  2. Are you training to be a doctor? Hope goes well at the interview! Love that first photo of you. Your friend did a good job! And don't you just love those swings? Lol. Don't get too stressed about the interview. They just want to know you love working with people, that you communicate well and work well in a team. At least that's what I think from a physical therapist's perspective :)

  3. I hope your interview went well! You look very cute in those photos, and how fun are swings? Playgrounds in general really!?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :)


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