Weekend Playlist

Over the weekend, I had music on the mind. Old, new, pop, acoustic, all sorts that I listened to and practiced singing along with. That is something I want to try and do more. I love to sing, and since my somewhat short-lived choir days, I want to do it more again. Also, somehow I have managed to forget how to sight-sing and that kind of ticks me off. Nothing like forgetting something you could once do to make you feel like a loser, right? Anyway, my weekend recommendations (with videos for the top 3):

1. "Fader" - The Temper Trap

2. "Location" - Freelance Whales

3. "Dress and Tie" - Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss

4. "White Lies" - My Dear Disco
5. "Gypsy" - Shakira
6. "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
7. "Stop" - Jimmy Eat World
8. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer

Sort of an odd mix, I realize, but still very much awesome. Maybe one of them will make your Mondays a little bit better! :)


  1. I love The Temper Trap! Good song you chose! :) I wish I could listen to this playlist now, but I'm in my psychology class right now. I'm totally being a rebel and reading blogs! :)

  2. I love love LOVE Freelance Whales, they are one of my favorite bands! I also really like Temper Trap :]

    It's such a good quote, no more killing time, and more getting things done... for me at least :]


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