Some Technical Notices

I have a number of little technical things and changes to tell you guys about, but first, let me just take one small fangirling, crazy moment to say: OH MY GOD, THEY KISSED. Pretty much since "Teenage Dream" and more so since "Baby, It's Cold Outside" I think everyone and their mom was just waiting for Kurt and Blaine on Glee to get together, and they finally did! Oh, and then they were top trends on Twitter. But, overall, considering also the amazing New Directions performances and relentless Sarah Palin/Christine O'Donnell mocking, I think it was one of the best episodes to date! Yay! Now to make it through April...


Alright! Well, just some announcements. So, first, I was really surprised so many of you showed an interest in guest blogging while I walk toward my doom. Thank you, all! I'll be getting back to you all as soon as I can so hopefully you'll have enough time to actually write something, haha. Second, the "currently reading" and "blogroll" have been updated! Check 'em out! Especially the blogs, because seriously, those guys are awesome. Third, I know I talk about her all the time, but I finally have a little Miss Hannah Grage button (!) and it's just the cutest thing ever. And last, but not least: Twitter feed! I put it up, and I would love if you read it, but disclaimer: I swear. A lot. Like a dirty, rotten sailor. Probably a bad habit, and I try to keep it to a minimum on the blog and you know, in life, but just be aware that you will see a lot of potty-mouthing. But really, I'm eloquent and well-spoken and I mind my grammar, I swear. No pun intended.

If I sound silly, it's because I have two cups of coffee and a Go Girl in me. And on that note, I'm going to go continue to play "Loser Like Me" on repeat and study for my last final. Ta!


  1. I was hoping you'd blog about the kiss! I literally FELL OVER when it happened. (And I think I made some really startlingly high-pitched squealing sounds and basically died, it was so perfect.)

    First, that couple is the most adorable ever, and second, it's so cool that kids in high school today have a show that normalizes gay relationships, instead of treating them as Adult Material Only.

  2. AHH! i was so excited when they kissed, i screamed like a little girl. i was actually the biggest glee hater ever until i actually started watching it (i was confused as to why adults would want to watch a show about high school) but i seriously love it now. it's so witty and clever!


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