Old-World Charm

First, I want to thanks all of you guys who gave me advice on my interview next week. I'll definitely be taking a lot of that into consideration. ♥
Second, I've been listening to oldies and older Christmas music (don't ask, haha) lately, and watching old videos of things, and it's made me really miss that quaint and clever 1950s charm. Well, it wasn't just the 50s even; it was all the way till the mid-70s and then apparently, it just dropped off the face of the earth!

I miss the way people sang duets to each other, with lots of subtle hinting and playfulness and danced together about 1 foot apart. I miss the prevalence of the deep, booming bass voice and its slow, stylish melodies. Mainly, I envy the lack of screaming in music.

It's sad to see so little general politeness left. No tips of the hat or "how do you dos" anymore, sometimes not even holding open doors (though, I think we've managed to hang on to that one for the most part). I think the botox-y advertisements with everyone smiling even have a certain charm to them. But where has all that gone?!

Sometimes, I think I was born about 60 years too late.


  1. I know I should have been born in 1940. So I could be 20 when JFK was president.

  2. When it comes to charisma, you can't beat the Bogart era.

  3. I really love these pictures.
    Although I doubt that people would like me back then. I wouldn't fit in very well.
    I probably would have been stoned.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Just read about your interview! Good luck! Just remember to stay positive and smile:) Everyone loves a good smile!



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