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On Thursday, I got to see a lovely little showcase at my school by various acapella groups. I love singing and dancing, and acapella just has this wonderful charm surrounding it that's really fun and awe-inspiring to watch. Of the four amazing groups that performed, the ones that really stood out were the Tritones. Now, they've got a seriously good reputation, and some legitimate credit (they sang back up for Taylor Swift at the 2010 ACM Awards!*) so seeing them live was a real treat.
That has kind of sent me on an acapella group trip. I might have watched every Yale Whiffenpoofs video ever to exist and it's entirely possible that I would be able to recognize any member of USC's SoCal VoCals, Princeton's TigerTones, and BYU's Vocal Point if I were ever to see them. Creepy, I know, but somehow I just can't get enough of not having back-up tracks! It has made me wonder if with any practice, I might be able to audition for one in the fall. I'm sure it has to do a lot with Glee, but I suddenly have crazy musical ambitions, haha.

Some Recommendations:
Lady Marmalade/Ain't No Other Man - SoCal VoCals
Down By The Salley Gardens - The Whiffenpoofs
Happy Ending - BYU Noteworthy

*You can see them around 4:00 of the video.


  1. Well, Glee tends to do that to a person...

  2. oh my gosh! the group you watched sang back-up for taylor swift? they MUST be amazing. :)


  3. How cool! And sweet blog, by the way.


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