Next Stop, Aix-En-Provence!

In light of not being accepted to that internship in Paris that I wanted (not that big of a surprise, actually), I've been thinking about traveling again. Summer's closer than ever and there are so many places I want to go! London, yes, but recently, the south of France has been looking nicer and nicer as our weather continues to be cold and blech.
Welcome, friends, to my newest destination dream:
Aix-En-Provence, France

La Rotonde

Cathedrale Saint Sauveur

Les Deux Garcons Cafe

How amazing does it sound to stroll the Cours Mirabeau and stop at a cute cafe and people watch; maybe make a wish in the huge fountain? Then stop by the cathedral and marvel at the beauty that is Gothic architecture and question why we can't make buildings like that anymore. I would love to take a day hike around Mont Saint-Victoire just outside of the city and look over the same landscapes as Cezanne (perfect place for outfit pictures!) and Zola did once upon a time. Not to mention that the city is roughly 15 miles from the beautiful Marseille and it's world-famous beaches! Basically, a south of France vacation is sounding much better than anything else I've got planned for the summer right about now. How 'bout it?



  1. Monaco's where it's at! The French Riviera is beautiful!

  2. My summer plans have never been that awesome. If you go, you realize we are going to expect plently of pictures!


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