Musings from Loni

Hello everyone!

I'm Loni, from the blog Musings of a Silent Mind, and I am-- gasp-- Mugdha's friend in real life.

This would be me.

It all started when we were randomly placed together as roommates in the freshman dorms.  Our friendship grew over mutual love of Harry Potter, procrastination, and nerdiness, and now, 3 years later, we're still sharing a bunk bed (although I'm on the top this time), aiding each other's procrastination and-- apparently-- doing guest posts on each other's blogs!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited that we have taken our relationship to this next level..  I mean, it wasn't enough that people only text one of us to contact the two of us, or that we have both adopted the pronoun "we" when talking about Friday night plans or favorite ice cream flavors (OK, that last one was an exaggeration, I'll admit), but now we're sharing BLOG POSTS?! Oh me, oh my.  All my dreams have come true.
How cute are we? :P

Anyway, I guess at this point I should really get on with the actual post part of the blog post, but as you may soon find out, my blog posts generally end up being ramblings about random things and include pretty much anything that pops into my extremely scattered mind.  So bear with me here, while we (and by we, I mean I) try to create some order.

In order for you all to get to know me better (and, through me, probably Mugdha) I thought it would be fun to do a list of things that I am currently REALLY excited about.  You can tell I am excited by my usage of CAPS LOCK.  Helpful, that button.

So, here goes, 5 things that Loni is REALLY excited about:

5.  Travel:
I love going to new places!  I feel like traveling to different parts of the world has really allowed me to both understand the world a little better, and understand my own culture and life a little better.  If you ever get the chance to travel around, I would recommend trying to incorporate some sort of immersion experience-- I found that seeing and interacting in the day to day life of another culture is such a better and more real way of traveling and learning about the world! :)

4. Learning New Things:
As I briefly mentioned above, I am a bit of a nerd.  I try to see myself as a student, not only in school, but simply in life.  Any experience, good or bad, noteworthy or not, has something that can be learned from it.  Our job as humans living on this earth is to understand as much as we can, take as much from our experiences as we can, and apply that to our lives in order to make the world a better place.  That sounds a lot deeper than it actually is in application, but the gist is just that I enjoy learning new things and get a bit more excited than my peers about school and/or science and/or reading.  Oops.

3. Photography:
Recently I have become interested in photography (as I think Mugdha may have mentioned in a couple of blog posts).  It all started with my 365 Project, and has been growing into a genuine love for pictures and the art of taking them.  There's something so cool to me about shaping the world around you into your own creative representation.

I work with an amazing organization called Amigos de las Americas (or AMIGOS).  AMIGOS works in rural areas of Latin America to build partnerships with young leaders throughout Latin America and the U.S. to promote youth leadership, community development, and multicultural understanding (Wow, I sounded like I swallowed the official guidebook or something).  Seriously though, AMIGOS is a wonderful organization!  I first got involved when I was an itty bitty 15-year-old sophomore in high school, and it honestly changed my life.  It got me interested in traveling (I went to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and I will go to Panama in May with AMIGOS), gave me self-confidence, ignited a passion for learning about people and cultures, and pretty much directed my entire life path.  Not to be dramatic or anything.  :)  I recommend that everyone check out the website, find a chapter near you, or simply "like" the facebook page.

1. Life!
Right now, I am excited about life! I think it's important to be happy with what you've got, even if you are looking for more. Having goals doesn't mean you should ignore what's right in front of you. I'm trying my best to live in the present! No regrets :)

Hope you all enjoyed this (rather long) guest post!  Feel free to check out my blog, and of course the AMIGOS website! :)


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