Hello world. A little care from me.

Hello, readers of A Vigilant Muse!
Hope you're not surprised I am writing here in Mugdha's blog.
I am Siew Jye, and jye is pronounced as Jay. I haven't got myself a Christian name, well, maybe soon.
I am different here because I am a Malaysian Chinese, born and bred in Malaysia.
My blog: jacksjye.blogspot.com and this is me...
So readers, Have you been to Malaysia? How much do you know about Malaysia?
Speaking of Malaysia, what comes across your mind?
When I was in my primary school, in the age of 9, my Malaysia language teacher told us a story. A true story according to him.
Here how his story goes.

" Years ago, a man in western country was forced to transfer to Malaysia due to his company assignment. He was so upset. In his mind, he pictured the situation in Malaysia. Animals wandering around, tree houses, wooden hut above the trees, people wearing one-piece cloth, and mud all the way. The day had finally come. When the plane landed, he couldn't believe his eyes. He saw KLCC twin towers and there were sky scrappers that totally caught his breathe. And then he was greeted by a local Malaysian man. The Malaysian was responsible to provide accommodation for him. And the American told him :" I am so glad that I don't need to stay on the tree."

Well, my teacher probably made up that story. He was not a good language teacher and he used to smoke in the toilet. His reputation was never good.
I am 23 years old now. I am currently pursuing a degree of Engineering in University of Malaya. We do not call it a college here. We call it university. Things are a little different here. University of Malaya is the first ranking university in my country. Things I like are Sports, outdoor activities, reading books and blogs, shopping and fashion. And I am very active in sports. I watch American series such as Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girls, Fringe, CSI, Nikita, Glee and any great dramas and movies.
My friends and I (the most left) in a dinner held in university

My English is not so perfect. People usually rate it FAIR out of the scale of POOR, FAIR and EXCELLENT.
But I am totally willing to improve!
I love blogging too! As enthusiastic as all of you!
And I love to read about people's life, love to visit people's blog, from all over the world.
I am not sure how I discovered Mugdha's blog.
But I guess Gala Darling linked me to you. Anyway, fate has brought us together.

I have read all of the posts in guest blogging. And i have visited your blogs too =)
It's my first time here, so i might doing it lame...

So, I am so willing to hear from you from your comments=)
Hope you do enjoy my post =)

A big thanks to Mugdha!

I was scheduled to post on 25th March. Ahah! It's 2.02 am on 25th in Malaysia now. Interesting right?
Should I say Good night to you?? Haha... good day to all of you =)


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