hello from idaho!

yes ladies, you read right. idaho. yes, the state known for potatoes.
its so great though, you should visit sometime, and we could party.
anyways! i love love love to blog! life is crazy and its important to make
time for yourself and your creativity to come out every once in a while!

my blog is about my husband wade and i. we are newlyweds as of November!
we are the epitome of the word newlywed. we both work and go to school, we
are learning how to save, learning how to cook, learning to learn! we live in a base
ment apartment and love love love being poor married kids. okay, we don't love it,
but we sorta do, because thats how life is, and sometimes you just have to be poor
at first so you can learn how to appreciate things! and kids, thats really what we are.
i mean, i only graduated high school two years ago. i mean, wade's like ancient, a
07'er. sheesh.
anyways! we both do photography on the side and we are learning new things about
the business everyday! its a crazy and competitive talent thats growing! i've taught myself 
everything from learning about the camera to editing in photoshop. i'm always up for suggestions
and researching new things to enhance my photos! you can visit my blog if you click here and you
can visit my photography blog if you click here! :] i also do fun give-aways every once in a while so stop 
by and leave a comment, i'd love it!


  1. I'm living in Idaho right now!!

    ps. i awarded you a blogging award!!


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