A Day At The Beach

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday here with Amy. It was such a blast! The day was gorgeous and we ate so much delicious food. I am so glad to get a small break after finals before studying away my spring break. I'm got some awesome guest bloggers lined up for you guys, whom I hope you'll like! Hope you all enjoy your weekends!


  1. I wanted picttttures!

    PS. Gave ya another award. For Versatile Blogging this time.

  2. pretty picture! i wish i was there! i'm glad you were able to take a small break before you begin studying for your MCATs!

    the beaches in washington are cold, full of rocks (and no sand!), and seagulls that attack you. haha!


  3. Hi there! Its snowing in NY, this beach pic looks inviting compared to our weather right now.



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