What Every Townie Kid Dreams Of

I am pretty set in my ways. I like getting up at the same time everyday, having my morning cup of coffee, eating Cheerios and reading/blogging before I start the day. Sometimes, I think I just need to loosen up and take things one at a time, but I usually end up forgetting something and panicking about it. And then, out comes the planner again. The compulsive planning zone is so nice and comfortable and allows me to be organized enough to enjoy things like Zumba and ballet, whereas otherwise, I would probably fall apart.

Point being, last night I found myself done with all the things I'd planned to do, and with free time. My compulsive planning paid off! It was magical! I listened to music for a while, watched the new episode of Gossip Girl, and felt ready for a new day! I've got another song to share with you guys. Seriously, I've been obsessed with this song for the last two weeks. It's just so pretty and meaningful, and above all, really soothing. Lately, I've been into soothing music, so suggestions are totally welcome.

Coffee & Cigarettes (Acoustic) - Jimmy Eat World


  1. nice blog!
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  2. I'm pretty set in my ways in the morning time. Every morning I do exactly the same things in the same order, I think because I'm still half asleep, but come mid morning chaos and disorganisation always creeps in!! x


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