We Are Family

My parents have been here all weekend, which has been singularly exhausting. I loved having them, but oh man, was it a lot of work and time and counting to ten before I responded to things. That being said, we did a lot of fun stuff! We visited Coronado, and one of my family friend's parents were visiting also, so we had dinner with them twice and got to cuddle and play with this little sweetheart:

His name's Roscoe. What a cutie, right?

We also went up to LA to the Indian district, Artesia, and had what was possibly the best Indian food buffet I've ever had. They had a ton of Indian-Chinese dishes, which are my absolute fave, so basically I ate until I was literally so full I had to take a ten minute nap at the table just to be awake enough to drive. Talk about bad food coma! But they left this morning after breakfast, and now I need to catch up on a ton of studying I've neglected all weekend.

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :-) I am in AZ too!!! Yay!! I am a new follower!!

  2. Awwww let's get a dog. As long it is somewhat small and does not bark. Plan?

  3. Such an adorable puppy! Glad you had fun! :]


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