The Truth About Forever

I hate not having time to read, so when I was sick (and not attending classes), I made the most of that time by reading two books in three days. One of them was a re-read (The Hunger Games), but let's face it, that book is just really damn good, and it'd been a whole year since I'd read it.

The other one was The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. SWEATshirtDRESSshirt had done a post on the book a while back, and since having discovered that one of my roommates had it, I'd been wanting to read it. It wasn't a particularly difficult book to read*, but like 90% of my reading is floofy reading anyway. The main character, Macy struck me as similar to main characters in a lot of other "what is life about?" coming-of-age type stories (ex. An Abundance of Katherines, Prep, etc.) that sometimes I find myself annoyed with. Even in first person, I like mystery in the main character, and while Macy was certainly no Bella, I just didn't like her that much.
That being said, it was an enjoyable read, rife with pithy aphorisms (that I really liked), and full of well-developed characters that all brought a unique charm to the story. The storyline itself is simple enough to be relate-able, yet just out there enough that you don't feel Mary-Sued by it. Overall, I would totally recommend it as a light read.

*Side-note: I learned recently that people with ADD often read books that are significantly below their reading level and capabilities.


  1. i read that book awhile back... i think right when it came out. i know i was still in college. i also love to read, and my kindle is the best thing ever... it's so easy to read at the gym because you can make the type bigger and dont have to worry about holding it. i've always been a huge reader, but last year i didn't read nearly as much as I do since I got the kindle.

  2. I feel the same way, I read so much over winter break, but now that the semester is in full swing I barely have any time for leisure reading. It's such a bummer. I'm glad you got some done.. even if it was because you were sick :]


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