Surprise Visit

My parents and brother are coming to visit this weekend! I was informed of this...yesterday. So, I really need my apartment to go from looking a little less like this picture and a little more like we've actually cleaned on occasion (which we have!). On the plus, side my mom has decided she's bringing me tons of food because apparently I don't eat enough healthy food (probably true), and she misses me. So, I will be gorging myself on Indian treats for something like the next three weeks. However, while I know I really should be excited, I'm kinda just stressing, because as much as I love cleaning, now's not really a good time for me to try and balance it with everything else. Just gotta channel a little Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and remember:
Don't Panic.


  1. That's awesome on your fam coming to visit!

    Now will they check your closets, 'cause if not, that's where everything should go! ;o)


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