Meet Me On Thames Street

Shirt: Something Corporate; Dress: Modcloth; Tights: ? Boots: Ross

I'm supposed to be going to a formal this weekend, but the problem is that it's in the form of a weekend trip. A whole weekend where I'm going to be judged (probably by sorority girls) about what clothes I've decided to wear right down to my PJs and whether I make noises in my sleep (which, unfortunately, I do). That being said, I'm really excited! I've been trying hard to be in MCAT study mode for at least a couple hours a day to make up for all the studying I will not be doing this weekend, but only kind of succeeding. I imagine though, if I don't get as much as I want done, I'll feel super guilty after and amp up the studying next week also. Plus, I just had my last midterm, and I'm feeling like I really need this stress relief.


  1. MODCLOTH! Hehe. And I adore your boots. Cowboy boots are my favorite, always:)

  2. I've never worn a printed tee with a skirt before. How curious.

    Have fun this weekend.

  3. you are seriously adorable - I'm jealous of how shiny your hair is!


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