May You Stay Forever Young

Cardigan: H&M; Vest: from S. Korea (gifted); Skirt: Banana Republic; Tights: CVS (don't judge);Boots: Charlotte Russe

Today feels like Saturday. Even though I had work and class, I woke up feeling distinctly weekend-ish. A strange thing, seeing as how lately, even my weekends have started at 6 am, with me groggily dragging my butt to Starbucks to take full length practice MCATs for 5 hours.

This countdown currently sits on my desktop, reminding me how little time there is.

But, it is Friday, so I guess I shouldn't be too upset. Have a wonderful weekend, all!



  1. nice everyday outfit !
    come for a visit and sign as follower ...Iìll do back

    ciao ciao ave

  2. dang girl, MCATS for 5 hours? You deserve a prize! Make sure to do something extra fun this weekend :)


  3. i loooove your skirt and boots! it looks like you're having pretty good weather where we live. i am jealous! :)

    i wish you the best of luck as you continue to study for your MCATS. i hope you found the study tips i left you in a comment a few weeks back, helpful!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  4. i did the same thing for months (not for the mcats, but for the gmats and lsats). it sucks! hopefully all your studying will pay off and you'll do fabulously. i'm sure you will!

  5. MCATS for 5 hours? holy cow!!! that crazy.
    important thing is you loook super cute. :]

    i am now your newest follower.


  6. Being at Starbucks makes the studying more bearable though!

  7. i love skirts - you look so cute! and that countdown is funny. not really but it sort of it. ;)

  8. Gorgeous blouse.. love the stamp tho
    Lee x


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