I Could...Keep On Dancin' Forever

When I was 4 years old, I took my first dance class. Since then, I've dabbled in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom, but probably spent the most time (8 years) on an Indian classical dance, Bharatnatyam. Now that my university schedule has consumed my life, I've found a distinct lack of time in my life for the dancing that I love so much. Even taking Zumba and having taken a couple rec classes it's been really hard for me to incorporate dance into my schedule lately, which really makes me sad.

Look, it's me in the green!

My school has open gym rooms that people can practice in if there's nobody else using them, so I think from now on, I might go early in the mornings and see if I can't practice dance in them. I've just missed the focus and determination and excitement of choreographing or learning a new dance. I'm adding this to my New Year's Resolutions (starting today!), because you guys, I need dance in my life again. It, more than so many things, makes me really happy. This year, I want to dance more.


  1. wow! the picture you included here of you dancing looks so amazing! Bharatnatyam seems to require a lot of flexibility! i'm glad you are making a point to dance again! i used to dance, and wish i had the time to do the same. :)

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