Counting All The Flowers

Dress: Costco (haha); Cardigan: Forever 21; Necklace: A Peace Chain in French

I know you can't see the pendant very well, but it's one of my favorite ones I own; so check the site out. I got it last Mother's Day, when (because I couldn't visit my own mother), I drove up with my roommate, L, to Davis, where she's from. Mother's Day in Davis coincides with the Whole Earth Festival, which is basically huge hippie dippie festival full of fire dancers, jazzy/reggae/just-plain-odd music, and tons of stalls selling every kind of handmade craft and art you could imagine. One of the stalls was this guy who made these cool clay pendants that said 'peace' in a ton of different languages, and he was just giving them out for free! It's such a lovely and generous thought to just give people 'Peace' pendants, I think. I just thought I'd share the back-story because of how much I love mine!



  1. You look beautiful! I am so jealous of your weather. Yesterday it was 38 degrees here. So, so cold.


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